Body Alignment

What is Body Alignment?

This technique utilizes a special tool for the neurological stimulation and myofascial release along the vertebral column and other joints. Dr. Sarina Barbara performs neuro-myofascial release, also known as body alignment, on dogs, cats, and exotics (not used in reptiles or avian species). The stimulation creates a combination of neurological input and soft tissue release that allows the animal’s body to “reset” itself. It is not a chiropractic adjustment, however, it does target nerve and soft tissue along the spine.

Hua Tuo (110-2017 AD), an important physician of the Han dynasty in China, insightfully recognized the relationship between the spine, the organs, and their associated channels. Hua Tuo discovered a set of acupuncture points, known to practitioners as the Huatuojiaji points, which are distributed on each side of the spine. By triggering these points with neuro-myofascial release, Dr. Barbara is promoting health not only of the spine, but of the internal organs and meridians associated with the areas.

Pet Body Alignment in DeLand, FL

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