Tumor Specific Electroporation

Tumor Specific Electroporation™ (TSE) is a new dynamic electroporation technology aiming at treating local tumors that are not easily removed with surgery, for example; in the mouth, head, neck, or on the paws. It can also be used to help clear away cancer cells that were left behind if an initial attempt at surgical removal did not completely resect all of the tumor cells.

How does it Work?

TSE increases the effect of the chemotherapeutic drug, even at a lower dose, compared to traditional treatments. It delivers a carefully monitored energy to minimize tissue destruction while maximizing treatment efficacy and activating the immune system through a programmed cell death (apoptosis) and release of a specific tumor antigen.

The Treatment Procedure

A low dose of chemotherapy is injected directly into the tumor (and sometimes administered intravenously). After the chemotherapy has been administered the TSE treatment begins by placing electrodes into the tumor and an dynamic multidirectional electrical pulse is delivered. This electrical pulse opens up the tumor cell walls and allows the chemotherapy to enter the cancer cells at a much higher concentration. The controlled electrical pulse is also carefully designed to spare the surrounding healthy tissue and cells.

What is Involved?

The patient will need to be sedated or possibly put under general anesthesia during the treatment, depending on the tumor site and the patient’s physical condition. Depending on the tumors type, size and location 2-4 treatments are recommended but may vary.

How does this Fit Our Integrative Approach to Cancer Care?

The foundation of our cancer care is good whole nutrition and supplements to build up the immune system to help it fight the cancer. TSE allows us to use the benefits of a low dose of chemotherapy and instead avoids suppressing the immune system we are working to support. It is a great combination which fits our holistic approach here at FloridaWild!

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