Sarina Barbara, DVM FFAO

Fear Free Certified

Dr. Sarina A. Barbara, aka “Dr. B”, graduated from Stetson University in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Integrative Health Science. She then spent a year working as a small animal veterinary assistant in her home state of Massachusetts before enrolling in veterinary school at St. George’s University. Dr. B completed her clinical veterinary training at University of Georgia and graduated with honors in June 2018. Dr. B enjoys all fields of veterinary medicine, but she does have a passion for geriatric pet care and well-being. She herself has rescued and owned many senior pets.

Here at FloridaWild Integrative Veterinary Center & Urgent Care, we take in hundreds of injured and sick wildlife per year who are in need of medical assistance. Dr. B oversees the wildlife program and finds great value in helping the local tortoises, birds, squirrels, opossums, and raccoons of Volusia County.

Dr. B is Animal Neuro-Myofacial (ANMR) Certified and performs body alignment techniques on her patients in need. All mammal species are eligible for ANMR such as dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits and even rats! Misalignments in the vertebrae can lead to chronic sources of pain as well as decreased function in certain organ systems. Dr. B is able to perform ANMR on patients to align the spine which decreases pain and promotes optimal body function.

Dr. B is also a Fellow Member of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy (FAAO). She is the second veterinarian in the United States to become a FAAO. Ozonotherapy has been practiced and well researched for many years on human patients and is widely used throughout the world as an alternative therapy for infection, inflammation, and immune dysregulation. Onozonotherapy has started to make its way into veterinary medicine and we have seen very exciting, promising results.

During her free time, Dr.B enjoys riding her horse, Bo Jangles, volunteering for DeLand/Sanford Indie Market, and fitness training.

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