Urgent Care FAQs


1. How do I get my pet seen for an emergency?

We prefer you call ahead to be added to the waitlist. Patients will be prioritized and triaged based on their symptoms and conditions. Any patient needing medical attention, but not life threatening may be asked to wait.

2. How much does it cost to be seen for an emergency?

The Urgent care exam fee is $110 and will be due at the time of service.

3. Why can’t I be with my pet during treatments?

For the safety of your pet and our staff, please allow our trained professionals to care for your pet We will ensure that you are placed in a comfortable exam or waiting room and will communicate with you regularly.

4. Will this require additional treatment?

We recommend all pets return to their primary care veterinarian in the time period recommended by our urgent care doctor.

5. Can I take my pet home the same night they are seen?

Yes, you can take your pet home tonight. There will be cases that require transfer to the 24-hour Specialty hospital for around-the-clock care. Some stable patients may stay the night here to have a procedure or additional testing during our normal business hours.

6. What animals can you see for veterinary urgent care? Dogs, Cats, Avian, Small mammals, and Reptiles. How long do I have to wait to be seen?

Each patient will be triaged and assessed by a trained professional. Critical life-threatening conditions will take precedence. The severity of your pets’ condition, as well as when your pet was added to our waitlist, will determine when the doctor will be in to talk to you and examine your pet.

7. Do you accept payments? What forms of payments do you accept?

Our current payment plan is through CareCredit, both can be applied for online before arriving. We credit cards, debit cards, and Care Credit only. Deposits are required for treatment and all payment is due at the time of service.

8. Will my pet’s insurance cover urgent care visits? What if I have pet insurance?

Given that there are many different insurances available now, you are responsible for calling to determine your specific coverage. Payment will be due at the time of service, then you coordinate with your specific insurance for reimbursement.

9. Will my veterinarian know I was here?

Outpatient cases will be instructed to schedule any rechecks or follow up care with their primary care veterinarian. We will ensure that all patient exam notes, and diagnostic test results are completed and sent home with you so that you may provide them to your primary care veterinarian.

10. Will I have to stay at the hospital if my pet needs sedation?

No, you will coordinate a pickup time with our veterinary staff. All pets must be picked up by the time designated by our team. .

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