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Kevin has been doing dentistry for over 25 years. We are so blessed to have him here at FloridaWild Integrative Veterinary Center & Urgent Care! Check out his full BIO in Our Team. Kevin would like to share some of his dental knowledge, helpful hints and a few sillies with you with “Kevin’s Corner”. Welcome, enjoy, learn and remember to schedule your dog or cat up for a FREE dental assessment with Kevin here at FloridaWild Integrative Veterinary Center & Urgent Care.

“The Dentist at FW is fantastic! He will take the time to explain exactly what treatment was required for your pet. He also EDUCATES the pet owner regarding good dental care and the required dental care he performed on your pet. I highly recommend him!” – Kathleen B.


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Butter’s Dental Day

Jolene’s Teething – What To Do?

Leo’s Dental Recheck

Brushing Barkley’s Teeth

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