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FloridaWild Veterinary Hospital is pleased to provide you with ultrasound services.

What Is It?

Samson (FloridaWild patient) relaxing while getting an ultrasound

An ultrasound is a safe, comfortable, non-invasive imaging technique that uses sound waves to help us see the internal organs more clearly. These sound waves do not move well through air and bone – when those structures need to be imaged (lungs, air in the stomach and intestine, bones, bladder/kidney stones, etc.), a X-ray would be needed.

When Is It Recommended?

Aki (FloridaWild patient) relaxing while getting an ultrasound

An ultrasound will be recommended by your FloridaWild doctor based on your pet’s specific symptoms, exam findings and potentially bloodwork or X-ray results. Getting a better picture of the exact area of inflammation or dysfunction allows your FloridaWild doctor to prescribe a more specific, effective and integrative treatment plan.

During The Ultrasound

Aki (FloridaWild patient) getting an ultrasound from Dr. Hathaway

What happens during the ultrasound?

Ultrasound is entirely comfortable. Pets lay on their backs in a foam padded cradle with a nurse holding them and comforting them. The lights are dimmed, the room is quiet, and many patients relax and even fall asleep.

What To Know For Your Scheduled Appointment?

Dumbledore (FloridaWild patient) being prepped for his ultrasound from Dr. Schrager

Which doctor will perform the ultrasound?

Your pet’s ultrasound will either be scheduled with Dr. Schrager or Dr. Hathaway.

Different Haircoats

For patients with thicker haircoats, we may have to shave the hair on their underside to better access direct skin contact with the ultrasound probe.


If possible, we prefer your pet not be fed the day of their scheduled ultrasound. This allows for the best possible imaging.

How long will my pet be there?

The length of time your pet is here can vary depending on the specifics of their ultrasound needs. It could be scheduled as a 1-hour appointment or requested your pet be dropped off with us for the day. If your pet will need sedation, we definitely encourage a drop-off appointment – this will allow us to watch your loved one while they safely recover for a few hours after their sedative.

Samson (FloridaWild patient) getting an ultrasound from Dr. Hathaway

How do I get the results?

Your FloridaWild doctor that recommended the ultrasound will call you with the results. At that time they can discuss all the details of your pet’s treatment options with you. We try and schedule your pet’s ultrasound on a day when their recommending doctor is also at the hospital – this will allow you to receive your pet’s ultrasound results on the same day.*

Will my pet need to be sedated?

For most, the answer is no. However, there are occasional patients that will need a sedative if they do not want to lay on their back. If this is the case with your pet, then your FloridaWild doctor will make sure to discuss this with you beforehand.

*Your pet’s health is our top priority! If there are any findings that need to be urgently addressed, and your regular doctor is not in, Dr. Schrager or Dr. Hathaway will always contact you right away to go over findings and discuss options.

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