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Vaccines or Titers?…
Should I continue to vaccinate my pet as they age?…
What is the alternative to vaccinations?…
Is it legal to withhold vaccines from my pet?…

What is a vaccine and what problems might they cause?
A vaccine is a live, modified live, or killed virus that is introduced into the body to stimulate an immunologic response to disease. The core vaccination series is important to fully stimulate a young animal’s immune system against deadly diseases. Although, recent studies show that re-vaccination of these core vaccinations may not be necessary and could actually cause autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases or secondary complications.

What is a titer?
A titer is a blood test that measures the immunologic response (antibody) to vaccination or exposure to disease. This will help determine if your pet’s immune response is appropriate for disease protection or if re-vaccination needs to occur.

Is this legal?
If you choose not to vaccinate your pet, performing a titer level will check for appropriate immunity to core disease: Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus and Feline Distemper. A letter from your veterinarian can be written stating it is medically unnecessary to vaccinate. This testing should be repeated every three years. However, Rabies vaccine must be given to any pet that shows aggression to other pets or people.

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