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The Purrrfect Wedding

Mr.Aki and Lovely Iset have finally tied the Knot: The Purrfect Wedding

A couple of months ago I wrote a whimsical story that featured the unique long-distance Romance that blossomed between my  British cat-loving Internet friend Sarah’s girl kitty and my extremely handsome boy cat, Mr. Aki.


For years Sarah and I exchanged photos of our kitties. One day as I opened an adorable photo of Iset, Aki happened to catch a glimpse of her, and Aki fell in deeply in love the minute he laid eyes on her. Sarah and I were thrilled that Iset reciprocated Aki’s affection. The lovebirds chatted online almost every day, and within a few months into their courtship, Aki and Iset let us know about their plans to get married. Naturally, their engagement was the “talk of the town.”


If you think that a long-distance romance is difficult to maintain, it’s a breeze compared to having to plan a wedding for a feline couple who reside thousands of miles apart. It’s even more complicated when these plans must be put into effect by their human caretakers who are committed to helping make their beloved cats’ nuptials one that will always be remembered.


Finding the perfect location in which to hold the wedding was the first order of business. After all, it’s not that common for two cats to wed- so Sarah and I spent hours contacting a slew of venues before we finally found the purrfect one. We were extremely relieved when the Alhambra in Granada accepted our request to have the wedding on their premises. And when the owners announced that they would include all travel costs for the wedding party as their gift for the happy couple, we were overwhelmed with joy.

Next on the list was finding two stunning wedding outfits. Iset had her heart set on a lacey white wedding dress. Mr. Aki insisted on wearing a fashionable top hat and a golden bow tie.  We were extremely fortunate that Sarah’s dear friend Cheryl, a famous designer specializing in creating the ultimate in feline wedding garb, was available to take on this task. After we spent hours looking at an array of patterns, we finally found the fabrics from which Cheryl could easily create two stunning and comfortable garments.


Serge Cougar, the famous Head Chef at the Alhambra in Granada, rang us up to inquire what we wanted on the menu for our wedding festivity dinner. Iset’s preference was a smoked fish filet, smothered in capers and a delicate salad of lettuce and sliced mandarin oranges. On the other paw, Mr. Aki was keen on rare roast beef and buttered peas. Both Iset and Mr. Aki had their hearts set on a multi-tier chopped liver filled wedding cake decorated with whipped cream, draped with butter-cream flowers. The happy couple made sure to taste samples of Chef Cougar’s dessert offering.

After we agreed on the wedding dinner, Sarah and I were blown away when Chef Cougar told us that because this wedding was so unique and ever so special, he decided to serve the wedding dinner as a gift to the bride and groom. Chef Cougar’s generosity certainly was the “icing on the cake.” The only thing left to do on our agenda was hiring a photographer, ordering the flowers, and sending out wedding invitations.


The wedding was absolutely purrfect. The ceremony enthralled the guests; lovely Iset looked like an angel walking down the aisle. Mr. Aki purred with delight in his anticipation of joining paws with his beautiful bride. Aki was attended by his best man, Sir Edgar Allen Poe, a handsome black cat wearing a stylish Grey top hat, and lovely Iset was given away by her adopted brother, Lucius Verus, a chunky ginger- tabby.

Following the wedding dinner, Iset and Mr. Aki set out to a secret location for their honeymoon. Sarah and I are delighted with their union and wish them many long, prosperous, and joyous years together.

By: Jo Singer, MSW, CSW, LCSW, (ret.)

Wedding Photos: Thanks to Cheryl


Click here to watch the wedding video! 

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