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The night before Catmus

The night before Catmus
By: Jo Singer, MSW, CSW, and LCSW

T’was the night before Catmus, and all through our house
not a critter was stirring, not even the tiny white mouse.
All the stockings were hung high on our cat tree
hoping that the famous St.Katalous we would finally see.


Our kitties Aki and Edgar Allen Poe,
waited patiently for the great St.Katalous to appear
Both snuggled warmly curled up in their beds
With dreams of freeze-dried turkey treats filling their heads.

But when cat mommy and daddy went upstairs
Hoping to  get  some much needed good sleep
both cats suddenly awakened in sheer terror
when they heard a blood-curdling- fur-raising squeak.

Suddenly awakening kitties from a deep sleep is not at all wise,
Especially when mommy and daddy tell sleep is a treasured prize.
But when they saw that little white mouse scamper across the floor
without hesitation, Poe and Aki flew like lightening out the kitchen door.

Blinking in disbelief, Poe and Aki were shocked at the sight
of that brazen little white mouse up on his haunches in obvious fright.
He was all dressed up in a red jacket and polished black boots.
Thrown over his shoulder was a huge bag of cat treats; looking so cute.

Were they dreaming or was the little mouse really decked up in red and black,
Carrying a bundle of beautifully wrapped gifts in his fully loaded sack?
Was this wee rodent huddled in the corner that was shaking in terror
truly a special being who might possibly change their lives forever?

Needing to know exactly who he was and the reason for his visit
with outstretched paws they slowly approached the mouse to offer him a biscuit
but before they could get closer the well-dressed mouse began to speak.
And while he was quite nervous his messages to the two kitties were incredibly sweet.

“On this special evening I stop by the homes of all folks who love cats
to spend time with their kitties to have a very important chat.
While I disguise myself as a little white mouse dressed up like Santa Claws
My true mission is to sprinkle an abundance of love with my tiny gloved paws.”

Both Poe and Aki stared at him with their mouths fully agape,
while the tiny white mouse  adorned himself with his fancy silver-lined cape.
He gave them a wink and a nod – then jumped into his miniature sled, ready to depart.
And as he disappeared in his sled up into the moonbeams they heard him shout,
”I am the great St. Kitalous living in your hearts spreading unconditional love-after all; Isn’t that what it’s all about”.


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