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FloridaWild Vet Hospital

Rest easy on vacation knowing that a well-trained veterinary staff is watching over your pet.

Our Offerings Include:

  • Limited space available to promote positive play time
  • Veterinarian on site Monday through Saturday and on call for emergencies
  • Patients receive interactive and stimulating play time with trained staff
  • All breeds and sizes accepted
  • Medications are given according to prescribed directions
  • Fresh water available at all times
  • Meals served as specified by the owner
  • Daily observations charted


  • Heated and air conditioned rooms
  • Six foot fencing
  • Small, medium and large suites available


    • Reservations
    • Up-to-date vaccinations*
    • Canine: DHP, Rabies, Bordetella and Intestinal Parasite Exam*
    • Feline: FVRCP and Rabies


    • *vaccines and intestinal parasite exams must be completed 72 hours prior to reservation


Nightly Fees

Pet/Services Required Cost Associated
Canine $20.00 – $25.00 (multi-pet discounts available)
Feline $20.00 (multi-pet discounts available)
Avian $23.50
Reptiles/Small Mammal $23.50
Us To Provide Food $2.50/day
Administering Medication/s $2.50 – $5/day
Probiotics/Supplements $1.50/day

We always keep it FUNKY for our boarders with some good ol’ reggae music!


“The study, conducted by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), researchers with the University of Glasgow turned on six-hour playlists of five different genres of music for shelter dogs. During the duration of the study, the dogs heard classical, soft rock, reggae, pop and Motown. While the dogs were listening, researchers took note of their heart rate, cortisol levels and behaviors that measure stress levels, like barking or lying down.

It turns out that dogs are fans of chilling out to Bob Marley, just like we do on our beach vacations, as results showed that dogs were less stressed while listening to soft rock or reggae.”

(read full article HERE)

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