Omar was born and raised in Florida. He has traveled outside Florida many times but has never lived anywhere outside the state of Florida.

Omar has helped care for a large array of animals – ranging from tiny Dwarf Hamsters to 120-lb pit bulls. “I have never lived without animals as part of my family and I would never want to!” As a little kid, Omar wanted to be a zookeeper when he grew up. As he got older, that desire grew into wanting to actually own his very own zoo. Even though owning his own zoo is no longer his focus, it’s still a dream of his.

Outside of his love for animals, Omar likes casual gaming, electrical engineering and his two lovely dogs (Baby and Raven). Electrical engineering is his current focus, however since it is a broad field, he is undecided in just where he would like to continue. “I am extremely fascinated with the world and how it works – the electronic field is growing daily, with an astronomical amount to still uncover.” Omar will be continuing his education in electrical engineering in the near future but wants to help with animals in the meantime, in any way he can.

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