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Kevin Adrian Leroy was born in Hollywood, Florida and raised in Miramar, Florida. At 15 years old Kevin got the opportunity to work with puppies at a breeder/puppy store. That is where he learned the basics of animal care and training. While working there, Kevin met his mentor and future employer Dr. Jan Bellows, a respected Boarded Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College. His passion for veterinary dental care was awaken through his year of volunteering, – he learned the ropes and his eyes were opened to the importance of veterinary dentistry. In 1994, Kevin was qualified by examination from the ASVDT (American Society of Veterinary Dental Technicians). After a few years, Kevin was teaching courses at continuing educational laboratories – he even got the chance to teach faculty at Auburn University. After 15 years of clinical experience, Kevin decided teaching others was where he could make the most difference. He began consulting with other practices and corporations on the importance of veterinary dentistry as well as the technical use of the radiograph equipment scarcely known in the veterinary community.

Kevin spent several years traveling to trade shows and veterinary hospitals across the country, teaching proper techniques and spreading the word of veterinary dentistry. He moved from South Florida and took an opportunity at a practice in Port Orange, Florida where he spent a few years helping furry friends feel better through oral care. After that, he decided to establish his own consulting company. Kevin worked hard at this for a few years but realized the rigorous travel and time taken away from away from his family and pets was not ideal.

Kevin was first introduced to FloridaWild by Dr. Schrager and Dr. Hathaway. He came to install and train the staff on their new equipment acquisition. Kevin was in awe at the quality of medicine, professionalism, services offered, and was blown away at the fusion of Eastern and Western medicine. After realizing what a great addition he was to the FloridaWild team, employment was offered and Kevin is now officially a part of the FloridaWild family!

In Kevin’s free time he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Rebecca, son and three little girls on their 40 acre farm in Pierson. There family also consists of five horses, eight goats, nine cats and three dogs.

“Veterinary Dentistry found me at a young age; it continually fascinates and challenges me every day. In Veterinary Dentistry, 99% of patients will benefit and feel better from treatment. The stories about pets eating better, having more energy and overall having a happier life experience is what makes me love what I do.”

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