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“Smitten with kittens? ConCATulations!”

If you ask this writer how she feels about people who get smitten with kittens, her opinion is a no-brainer. Folks whose hearts beat a little faster when encountering an adorable wee baby kitty have exquisite taste, especially when it comes to these delightful companion animals. Kittens are indeed the prodigious ambassadors of the feline world.

These precious, high-spirited spunky immature felines are so delightful and compelling that even the most stone-cold avowed ailurophobe’s heart would melt instantly upon encountering one. It seems that when cat “haters” fall under the spell of a bewitching kitten, they become incapable of resisting their allure. This writer thinks expression “The bigger they are, the harder they fall” aptly describes the converted cat-hater to a cat-lover to a “T”.

Kittens are incredibly cute and disarming. It stands to reason that these darling little fuzzy critters have the reputation of being one of the most endearing, fascinating, and entertaining balls of fluff in the entire animal kingdom. And it’s hardly any secret that all avid cat aficionados strongly agree that it is impossible not to fall in love with these adorable small predators. Despite all this adoration, at times, kittens can also be frustrating, challenging and extremely nerve-wracking creatures.

Having a relationship with a kitten is extremely different than it is with an adult cat. An exuberant kitten can tickle us so hard that we burst into laughter. At the same time, there will be those exasperating times when a kitten’s goofy behavior will drive us up a wall in frustration.

But when all is said and done, cat lovers quickly will attest to the certainty that there is never a dull moment in a household with resident kittens. Since kittens have that “je ne sais quoi” quality about them, it gives them that extraordinary innate talent that can amuse and entertain us for hours on end.

Kittens take great delight in galloping around the house at breakneck speed. It can be extremely frustrating when they are chasing something that’s invisible to their guardian. In fact, their fleet-footed behavior would cause a Thoroughbred racehorse to turn green with envy. As a result, guardians have little choice but to scratch their heads in bewilderment wondering what all of a sudden got their small balls of fluff so fired up. The good news is that generally within a short time a kitten will become thoroughly exhausted from their “hunt” and will drift off to dreamland securely curled up in their guardian’s loving lap.

Folks who indisputably understand kittens are incredibly blessed. These kitten owners rank very high in the world of cat lovers. While kittens can exasperate us and, get on our last nerve, it’s sad that they won’t remain kittens for very long. Far too quickly they will reach maturity. Happily, the bond that you build with your kitten is one that’s life-long.

If you’ve been planning to adopt a kitten consider adopting two and if possible from the same litter. The kittens will keep each other company and blow off steam entertaining each other when you’re not home. Be sure you have a great deal of time on your hands because these diminutive felines are extremely curious about their surroundings. They require plenty of supervision to help prevent them from getting into trouble. Kittens need lots of attention, affection and interactive play to help them become properly socialized.

I highly recommend Dr. Marty Becker, DVM’s article “How to survive your first 30 days with your kitten”. It’s an extremely valuable resource for new kitten owners.

Although the internet’ is loaded to the hilt with a staggering number of entertaining cat video, my all-time favorite is one created by Funnycatsandnicefish that features his Scottish Fold cat Co-Co’s litter of kittens. I am positive that all kitten lovers will be mesmerized watching this group of gorgeous classic tabby kittens performing in a loosely structured chorus line. This video on YouTube has already received over 6 million hits. However, perhaps it should be called “You Tuba”.

Photo credit: Flickr user: Alexey Rubtsov
Article by: Jo Singer, MSW, CSW, LCSW, (Ret.)

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