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Could a Smartphone App help save your Cat’s Life? You Betcha!

Smartphones! Depending on what time of the day it is, you’ll either love them or hate the darned things. However, there’s an easy-to-use, inexpensive app for your smartphone that could save your kitty’s life. I’ll bet my bottom dollar that you will at one time or another, fall deeply in love with your smartphone.

Folks sharing their home with kitties know how similar living with cats is to living with toddlers.

Young children and kitties are inordinately curious, playful, and mischievous. Therefore one of the essential tasks kitty caretakers must undertake is keeping them from getting into serious trouble. I tell you, watching our cats like a hawk can be a full-time job.

Several feline behaviors are downright dangerous to cats. Many cats are addicted to chewing on electric cords. This nasty habit can easily lead to cats receiving an electric shock, which is extremely hazardous and frightening. For some unknown reason, these kitties get great pleasure from sinking their teeth into electric cords; one of the most dangerous items in their environment.

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Some cats can’t resist hanging out in high lofty places. These areas are fun to hang out in since they make perfect hiding places. After all, cats find these areas irresistible. The more elevated the spot, the more alluring it is to them. But contrary to the expression, “cats always land on their feet”; this expression belongs in the “myth” department. If the cat misjudges the landing, falling from a precarious height can seriously injure a kitty.

If your cat has an accident, are you prepared to administer first aid? If your cat suddenly stops breathing, do you know how to give CPR?
Are you able to get in touch with your veterinarian immediately, or locate an Emergency Veterinary clinic on the spot? When our beloved cats have an emergency, it can be quite challenging to remain calm and know what to do to help the kitty.

As owners, how well are we prepared to deal with these scary situations? When we want to give our kitty the most appropriate help, this is the time when a Smartphone can come in very handy. The good news is the American Red Cross created a first aid for pets app that is compatible with both iPhones and Android phones. You can download the app directly from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or from Amazon.com at a nominal cost of $.99. The American Red Cross Pet First Aid App offers an easy step-by-step guide for all common emergencies on the phone. Additionally, by recording your pet’s medical conditions into the app, you can receive advice on administering medications, get help for behavioral issues, what to do in disaster situations, and there’s even a video to teach you how to give CPR to your kitty.

The app provides you with an early warning checker for preventative care. With the app, you can quickly locate your nearest emergency veterinary hospitals, and you can program significant veterinary contact numbers into the application, a helpful resource during an emergency. The app includes first aid steps using a combination of text and videos covering 25 everyday pet situations. Also included is an extensive list of common toxic substances and a warning checker for preventative care.

The Pet First Aid application is designed for both cats and dogs. There’s a simple toggle switch to obtain the specific necessary content for felines and canines.

To give it a test run, I recently downloaded the app onto my iPhone. I found it extremely easy to use, and its resources have given me greater peace of mind. With its critical up- to- date information and its ease for contacting my vet, or to quickly locate an emergency veterinary clinic at my fingertips, this application is invaluable.

By: Jo Singer, MSW, CSW, LCSW, (Ret)

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