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Save a Turkey: Adopt a “Gobbler” from Farm Sanctuary

There is nothing like the tantalizing aroma of Thanksgiving Day Fixings. These fragrances are olfactory treasures that can whet the appetite of even the fussiest dinner guests. In a few short weeks, untold numbers of mouth-watering fragrances from Thanksgiving Day preparations will start emanating from countless kitchens around the country. This celebrated American tradition is shared annually with friends and family to honor all the good fortunes we have received.

Soon, those Thanksgiving Day aromas will be wafting through our homes, perking our appetite, heightening our magnificent holiday feast’s anticipation. With the scent of the turkey roasting in the oven, the sweet potatoes bubbling in a buttery sauce, the green bean casseroles baked to perfection along with cranberry sauce simmering on the stovetop, and the scent of the cinnamon-spiced apple pie mingling with the tang of herb-flavored stuffing, what could be more appealing and alluring to our senses?

Broad-Breasted Bronz Turkey
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But is everyone delighted with the prospect of celebrating this holiday with a turkey dinner? If the turkeys knew what was in store for them, I’m sure they would disagree that it was a privilege to be served upon a fancy platter.

Since my husband and I usually cook up a Thanksgiving turkey dinner to celebrate the holiday, I may appear somewhat hypocritical. However, after I learned about an exceptionally passionate organization whose mission is saving the lives of turkeys, I am having second thoughts. This year, I think we will forego a turkey dinner and, in its place, consider serving up a delectable shrimp scampi dish instead. And while I generally write about Thanksgiving Day safety for cats I thought I would write about this amazing sanctuary.

Fortunately for the turkeys at the Farm Sanctuary, Thanksgiving is just another happy day down on the farm. Farm Sanctuary’s mission is protecting industrialized farm animals from abuse and educating the public about farm animals in general. The organization also disseminates information about tasty alternatives for eating farmed meat. The Sanctuary’s central message is, “At Farm Sanctuary, these animals are our friends, not our food.”

Over the past 34 years, Farm Sanctuary has rescued thousands of turkeys and other farm animals. Their Adopt-A-Turkey Project is an annual Turkey Express adoption event geared toward ending the misery of commercially-raised turkeys. Farm Sanctuary has placed hundreds of turkeys into forever loving homes.

Farm Sanctuary also provides an excellent opportunity for folks who cannot adopt a turkey, to sponsor one for a one-time donation. Sponsors receive an adoption certificate in their name, or these documents can make fabulously unique holiday gifts for friends and family. Donations are both used to help defray the cost of housing and feed for the turkeys and facilitate the organizations’ promotion for a compassionate Thanksgiving for all farm animals.

The Farm Sanctuary’s motto is “Open your heart to a turkey today and another will be adopted.” If this article inspires you to consider adopting a Farm Sanctuary turkey for more information, check out the Farm Sanctuary

By: Jo Singer, MSW, CSW, LCSW, (Ret.)

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