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Spooky relaxing during her SanaWave treatment.

FloridaWild is excited to use radiofrequency therapy combined with heat, known as SanaWave, to treat various cancers including both solid tumors and blood cancers, neurologic dysfunction, abdominal inflammation, asthma, heart disease, and many other conditions.

The technology of using radio frequency waves at specific MHz (434) and a specialized meta-material pad to deliver oscillating radio frequencies and heat into the tumor or area of concern enables deep penetration into those tissues.

So what do these waves do? Well, they make the molecules infused with energy and they begin to move quickly generating heat within the area or tumor. The amazing thing is that the pad stays cool but the tumor begins to heat up. At about 41 degrees Celsius, the cancer cells die and the surrounding tissue is not damaged at all.

What does heat do to the cancer? It creates a FEVER. We all know that fevers are good for us. The fever alerts the immune system. Cancers develop because the body has ignored the area.

Lucy relaxing in Elizabeth’s arms while receiving her SanaWave treatment.

Cancers are “super smart” because they create a protein barrier that does not allow the body to recognize it as bad. It is armor for the cancer cells. So the cancer develops unchecked by our immune system. This fever we create with SanaWave kills off cancer cells but most importantly it wakes up the immune system. The oscillating frequency knocks the protein barrier off the cancer cells and now they are naked for the immune system to see. We are igniting the immune system to fight the cancer. Awesome!

Why do we use SanaWave BEFORE we take off tumors surgically? Once we diagnose a tumor, we can be sure that many (100,000 or more) tumor daughter cells are floating in the body. Cancer cells have developed a way for those daughter cells to be activated IF the original tumor is surgically resected. What this means is if we don’t have our immune system in place to battle the cancer before we cut the main cancer out, by removing the original cancer, we are activating the daughter cells and thus will see metastasis in different areas of the body down the road. By using the SanaWave prior to surgical resection, we have now created an immune response that can attack the daughter cells elsewhere in the body. We have also caused a decrease in the size of the main tumor and surgical resection is far easier with the more likelihood of clean margins.

Rose relaxing during her SanaWave treatment.

With cancer patients, we will use intravenous vitamin C, Carboplatin (a chemotherapy agent) or a nanoparticulate of iron. These work synergistically with SanaWave to attack the cancer. The dose that we use is far less than typical chemotherapy, leaving very few side effects. The dose can be far less because we have removed the protein barrier from the cancer cells and exposed them with the SanaWave.

Lastly the oscillating radio frequencies create an increase in organized water surrounding the cells – EZ water. This increased water layer helps remove toxins, free radicals and debris from the body. So we are detoxing the dead cancer cells and debris. With this increase in organization of water surrounding the cells, we are decreasing inflammation as well.

Areas that can be targeting by the SanaWave are liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, bladder, intestines, lungs, heart, thymus, spinal column, limbs and brain.

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