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Owner Release Form for Play Date Guests (Dogs Only)

I, as signed below, understand The Funky Mutt Market takes my pet’s health and happiness very seriously, and that The Funky Mutt Market will do its best to provide a comfortable, safe and loving environment for my pet.

I understand the Funky Mutt Market cannot guarantee the health of my pet, and that I will not hold The Funky Mutt Market responsible for conditions that are unavoidable in dog play date centers, such as but not limited to upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, diarrhea, intestinal parasites and fleas and ticks.

I understand my pet must be protected against communicable and contagious diseases, and must be free of internal and external parasites, or will be treated at my expense. I understand I must comply with The Funky Mutt Market’s vaccination/titer and testing protocol in order for my pet to be a daycare guest. The Funky Mutt Market’s vaccination and testing protocol is as follows:

Dogs: Up to date on Rabies, DHP or titers, Bordetella/Parainfluenza and Intestinal Parasite Exam.

I understand that in the event of my pet’s illness, the staff will immediately attempt to contact me or my agent to discuss the problem(s) and treatment options. In the event that the staff is unable to contact me immediately, The Funky Mutt Market and Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital are therefore authorized to initiate appropriate treatment until I or my agent can be reached. I agree to pay, in full, all charges for necessary services rendered.

Should an EMERGENCY arise, I authorize the medical staff of Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital to perform such emergency procedures as may be necessary for the health of my pet until I or my agent can be reached. I agree to pay, in full, all charges for necessary services rendered.

I understand The Funky Mutt Market is not responsible for loss or damage to any and all personal items left with my pet, including but not limited to leashes, collars, toys and bedding.

The Funky Mutt Market will use all reasonable precaution against injury, escape, or harm of any pet. The Funky Mutt Market, and its staff, will not be held liable for any problems that develop, provided reasonable care and precautions are followed.

I understand that my pet will be involved in group activities with other boarding or daycare guests. The Funky Mutt Market Staff members strive to ensure dogs of equal size and temperament are placed together in small groups for supervised play time, and will never knowingly place an aggressive pet into a group-play environment. However, there is the possibility of injury any time dogs play together, even if no aggression is exhibited by any pet in the group. Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital will be the veterinary on call to treat any injuries that may occur.

I understand that my pet will be given a daily report card. If more than 5 reports of aggressive or inappropriate behavior occur, towards other daycare guests or staff, the pet will not be allowed to return without further training and/or evaluation.

I understand that all playdate sales are final. Packages and pre-purchased playdates are non-refundable, unless extraordinary circumstances occur, and the refund is approved by the hospital manager.

By signing this form, I authorize my pet to be involved in group activities with other pets

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