FloridaWild Vet Hospital

For ten years FloridaWild’s doctors and staff, with the assistance of volunteers, aided in the rescue and rehabilitation of over 6,000 abandoned cats, dogs, exotics, birds, wildlife, and reptiles. Lives were saved as folks adopted once unwanted pets. Wildlife was rehabilitated then placed back in the wild or transferred to a sanctuary.

    The rescue program began when Dr. Holder, owner, called her mom to plead, “Help! Animals are being abandoned in our courtyard.” That was all Maggi Hall needed to step into action. With the aid of dozens of volunteers, FloridaWild was able to turn heartbreaking situations into life-saving blessings.

As FloridaWild grew the non-profit, Animal Rescue Konsortium, needed additional space as well. Fortunately, Crescent City Kennels offered its facility as volunteers continue the life-saving program. When FloridaWild began its rescue program over 80% of abandoned pets were put to death at shelters. When the “No-Kill” movement hit the state the number of deaths of healthy animals decreased as county and private rescue facilities became “no kill” or “low-kill.”

Below are a few of our stories to warm your heart and encourage you to rescue. After all, rescues make the best pets!

Sandy’s Story

FloridaWild’s first rescue was Sandy. Her family called Dr. Holder to come to their home to euthanize her. But when Dr. Holder arrived, she was greeted by a fluffy buoyant healthy dog. That was Sandy. Sandy was surrendered to Dr. Holder and went off smiling all the way. She became the hospital’s mascot arriving in the morning with Dr. Holder and heading home at night with her and her two dogs, Annie and Poe. Until illness took her life, Sandy lived healthy and happy for three years with the Holder Family.


Rescue Stories

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Odie’s Story

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