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Remember Sockington the Cat? : A Famous Feline Social Media Star

Sockington the Cat’s phenomenal fans will never forget that handsome, talented grey and white Domestic shorthair kitty who overwhelmingly captured the hearts of social networking kitty fanatics. Heck, I would bet my bottom dollar that in the world of cyber-space, his name might already be close to synonymous with “Twitter!”

Who would have thought that this little homeless kitten, who was discovered outside a Boston subway station in 2004 by Jason Scott, an ardent cat lover, and an American historian, and computer administrator? Who would imagine that Sockington the Cat would quickly enjoy a fantastic amount of outlandish affection?

As some of you may already know, this Twitter-crazed kitty acquired 10,000 followers, between its inception in 2007, and January 2009. Once the Sockington Twitter account was “recommended in the feeds list” in February 2009, new users started flocking to the site adding 500-5,000 followers; establishing its popularity.

When I first learned that Sockington’s twitter account had clocked more than 1.22 readers, I jumped for joy. And much to my delight, Sockington’s fan count continued to grow. So I decided I would take a trip down memory lane and write about this very popular Internet feline star who continues to draw fans. For folks who hadn’t heard about Sockington’s incredible talents, when Sockington’s expansion blossomed, the British newspaper, “The Independent,” called him “Twitter’s latest megastar.”

So I thought that sharing a bit of his background that lead to Sockington’s acclaim would be of interest to feline lovers. Sockington (also known as “Sockamillion” or “Socks” (although not named for the Clinton kitty) became a famous domestic grey and white shorthair kitty living in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Sockington gained his humongous fame through the Twitter Account Jason Scott, his co- owner, created for Socks in 2007. Scott found Sockington the cat as a stray in Boston. He adopted him and they became fast friends. As the feline’s Internet star’s popularity grew, Jason created Socks’ Facebook Page. Jason still continues to regularly post for Socks using Sockington’s twitter account.

Although Sockington owns Jason, they don’t share living space. Instead, Sockington makes his home with Jason’s ex-wife and her two other cats. Jason does, however, have “visiting rights” so he can catch up with any late-breaking tweets Sockington has to offer.

While Socks’ actual age remains a mystery, his devoted fans don’t care. They are thrilled that he became one of the most famous cats on the Internet, regularly receiving love letters, notes, toy mice, and Internet birthday cards from smitten surfing female kitties.

What I find truly amazing is that Sockington remains one of the most famous cats on Social media. With his over 10,000 Twitter followers and 300,000 followers on Facebook, Sockington has left his “mark” on the Internet.

But the story doesn’t end here! Jason also “speaks” for two of Sockington’s feline companions, Pennycat, (aka Pennsylvania, and Tweetie, a rescue kitten, whose resemblance to Sockington is so remarkable that he has been dubbed with the nickname, “Sockelganger”. Tweetie’s story successfully brought the plight of feral cats to his readers’ attention. With his gratitude and big heart, Socks also presented a great fundraising opportunity for The Animal Center in Newtown, Connecticut, the shelter from where Socks was adopted.

Jason had offers to commercialize Sockington. In an interview several years ago, Jason commented, that “People have come asking Socks to endorse products or speak about causes” This write is wondering if Sockington might get involved in the upcoming 2020 elections. Since Sockington is so profoundly committed to Twitter, I’ll bet that his fans will be keeping an eye on who Sockington may endorse.

“Meet” Sockington the cat and his “agent”, Jason Scott

Photo credit: Jason Scott, Wikipedia
Article by: Jo Singer, MSW, CSW, LCSW, (Ret.)

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