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New Year’s Resolutions Feline Style

Since January 1 is the annual “make New Year’s resolutions” time, my husband Marty and I sat down and with a lot of soul-searching decided upon and set our intentions to work really hard on keeping them. Both Edgar Allen Poe, our three-year-old domestic shorthair kitty and Aki, our three-year-old Oriental Shorthair kept us company, listening intently to the promises Marty and I made to each other.

Edgar Allen Poe

Since the cats seemed so interested in what we were doing, we thought it important to ask them if they had been considering their own Mew Year’s Resolutions and if any of our ideas had inspired them in deciding what resolutions they intended to make this year. Actually both of them really do try to live up to the resolutions they make every year. We do have to give them credit for being so incredibly true to their promises.

Edgar Allen Poe looked up at me with great intensity and began sharing that he felt upset that he wasn’t able to keep his promise to allow me to trim his nails without attacking me; growling and hissing, threatening to bite me when he just saw the nail trimmer getting close to his paws. He said, “I will do my best to change my attitude and be more cooperative for you. It’s not that I want to be so uncooperative, but you see, I just love having long, sharp claws. In fact, I spend a lot of time keeping them pristine, sharpening them on all the wonderful scratching posts you gave us. I will do everything possible to change my behavior, but Marty must agree to feed me at 2:00 AM every morning and if he does this willingly, I won’t jump on his head and throw all the items on his night stand onto the floor which gets him so annoyed. Do we have a deal?” With the disapproving expression on Marty’s face Poe and I got the idea that this trade-off might not be so acceptable to him. But we shall see. The devil is in the details.


Aki decided it was his turn to share his Mew Year’s resolution with us. “Since I have a reputation for being a scaredy-cat with just about everyone except Meowmy, when I run and hide every time someone visits the house or if I am sick and my pretty lady doctor comes to visit me and I dash under the bed making it very hard for her and her assistant to catch me, I know I am not being fair to them. I really do feel badly about this but I just can’t help myself. So my resolution is to be more confident and try to get a lot braver around folks I don’t know too well, and not to be so doggone shy with strangers. After all I am very closely related to big wild cats who are very courageous and strong. Lions and tigers will be my role models from now on. How’s that?” And then Aki let out a resounding, thundering growl to let us know that he had it in him to keep his promise. Marty and I told Aki that we are very proud of him.

So do sit down with your kitties and find out what is on their minds about making Mew Year’s Resolutions to welcome in 2019. Aki, Poe, Marty and I wish you all a very happy New Year and a joy-filled and loving year ahead.

By: Jo Singer, MSW, CSW, LCSW (Ret.)

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