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Meet The Writer

Jo Singer, MSW, CSW is a former breeder of Pedigreed Cats. She shares her Florida home with Marty, her cat-loving husband, and two amazing kitties, Master Aki, a blue ticked tabby Oriental Shorthair and a black and white Domestic Shorthair, Mr. Edgar Allen Poe. She has been owned by cats for over 40 years.

Jo regularly contributes feline related articles to Catnip the official newsletter of the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Cat Talk – the official magazine of the Cat Fanciers Association and Pictures of Cats, a Feline-related Website located in England. She is a member of the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement and the Cat Writer’s Association. Jo is a retired Certified Social Worker and Psychotherapist. A former horse owner, her Master’s thesis was written about therapeutic horseback riding for the disabled. When she is not busy writing, or hanging out with and caring for their cats, Jo enjoys cooking gourmet recipes with her husband.

Jo with her husband, Marty, and cat, Poe (FloridaWild patient)

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