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June: The Purrfect Month to Adopt a kitty

I’m positive the hit song, “June is Bustin’ out all Over,” originating from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s highly esteemed musical “Carousel,” was written to describe the flowers blooming and to celebrate the excitement generated by the stupendous number of romantic relationships sprouting into marriage.

June also offers us a taste of the sizzling summer days that lie ahead. With the dog days’ sweltering temperatures and its miserable high humidity for which summer is famous, humans always seem to find a variety of delightful ways to help deal with and escape from the scorching weather.

However, for kitties languishing in overcrowded animal shelters, the sultry weather makes it extremely challenging. However, all the events occurring in the spring and early summer aren’t fun or exciting, especially for the cats. During the “kitten season,” thousands of unwanted kittens are born. Feline colonies left unprotected and cared for can result in millions of forsaken cats in desperate need of permanent loving homes.

Years ago, The American Humane Association proclaimed June as “Adopt-a-Cat Month”. This organization continues to work tirelessly to support animal shelters throughout the USA by helping them spread the word about the need for feline adoption.

Folks who haven’t yet had the pleasure of sharing their home with a fantastic furry feline friend are genuinely missing out on an unforgettable experience. Since we are celebrating “Adopt a Cat” month, this is an ideal time to consider adoption.

So, if you have been mulling over the thought of adopting a kitty, or open to exploring adoption, the month of June is the purrfect opportunity. For kitty owners whose homes are graced with the presence of a kitty, adopting an additional furry companion will enhance your experience. Presently animal shelters and many veterinary clinics may have a wide variety of adorable fluffy kittens and cats available for adoption. These kitties are sure to win the hearts of anyone passionate about the species.

When it comes to adopting cats, having two kitties is always better than just one, if it’s at all possible. The majority of domestic cats enjoy the company of a feline companion, especially when their human isn’t home. Watching cats play together, getting their necessary exercise sure beats any television show I have ever viewed. What’s best, their antics are free of commercial interruptions. What’s more, a purring cat on one’s lap is so relaxing it lowers blood pressure.

If the sound of kittens’ running through the house resembles the noise created by a herd of galloping elephants is unnerving, consider adopting an older cat. The adoring eyes of a kitty who needed your home looking up at you will melt your heart.

Here are a few reasons to allow a cat to own you. Cats are fastidiously clean. They rarely need baths and generally enjoy being groomed. Cats are loyal and highly intelligent, making them excellent companions. With their off-beat sense of humor, kitties can provide endless hours of entertainment.

Holding a purring cat on your lap not only lowers blood pressure, it can also help prevent heart disease. Having a cat or two also can help fight depression.

Domestic feline bond deeply with their owners, yet they tend to be a bit more independent than dogs. If they are provided with interesting, stimulating things with which to play, most cats don’t mind being alone while their owner isn’t home for several hours. If you are ready commit to adoption, to be found by a very special kitty, visit your local animal shelters, or visit Petfinder.

If adoption or fostering isn’t feasible at this time, getting ready and preparing to open your home to a new feline friend is always wise. If you are considering becoming a Foster Pawrent, this is a perfect time to learn more about fostering and all the particulars involved. For more information, check out Fostering.

Photo credit: Flickr user Bart Busschots
Article by: Jo Singer, MSW, CSW, LCSW, (Ret.)

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