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What Is It?

What is Digital Thermal Imaging?

It is a non-invasive, non-destructive Digital Thermal Imaging – Digitherm detects thermal gradients of 0.1%. Not only does it help our veterinarians diagnose inflammation and lack of circulation but it also locates exactly where this is happening inside the body.

Why Use It?

Why use Digital Thermal Imaging?

Our furry, feathered and scaled patients are not able to seek medical attention themselves. Many times they present to us due to the result of a symptom observed by their human. Our veterinarians thoroughly evaluate, diagnose and then provide the best suitable care for your pet. Digital Thermal Imaging allows non-invasive evaluation of patients to help further diagnose and treat.

What Are The Benefits?

What are the benefits of Digital Thermal Imaging in Veterinary Medicine?

1. Thermal gradients are represented as a physiological map of your pet which outline precise anatomical areas in need of further examination.
2. Early detection of many disorders before they become an issue: i.e. osteoarthritis.
3. An objective measurement of the progress of any therapeutic protocol; pharmaceutical or modality based.
4. A visual image that helps us explain just where your pet is having problems.

When Is It Recommended?

When do we recommend Digital Thermal Imaging?

1. Pain or inflammation – Often patients appear painful in one area but compensation may cause inflammation in other areas. For example, knee pain may cause contralateral shoulder inflammation.
2. Senior exams – we use Digitherm as a screening tool for areas of inflammation for our senior patients.
3. Rechecks  – Digitherm can help us recheck areas of inflammation or injury to confirm we are treating correctly.
4. To determine if blood and nerve supply are in certain areas of question.

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