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December is Pet Adoption Month at Floridawild Veterinary Hospital: Special Promo Too!

There is some exciting news in store for anyone who may be considering adding a new furry companion (or even two) into their household. If youre ready to open your heart and fall hopelessly in love with a delightful kitten or cat or a perky puppy or adult dog who is longing for a permanent loving home- consider joining Floridawild Veterinary Hospital by celebrating December as Pet Adoption Month.

Kylee & Athena (FloridaWild patients)

One of the most fascinating adventures animal lovers will ever embark upon is when they open their heart and home to a furry family member. However in making plans once that decision has been made, the next crucial step for perspective adopters is to do the required research to help decide whether a cat or dog will best match their lifestyle.
So, if you are an active person who thoroughly enjoys taking long walks several times a day and ending it with a leisurely evening stroll; having a faithful canine companion to accompany you on your sojourns may be the ideal ticket. For ages dogs have been called Mans best friend for good reasons. Anyone who owns and loves a dog knows it becomes very difficult to live without the consistent loyalty and utter devotion that dogs shower upon their owners.
And while dogs may love you partially because they rely on you literally for their food and comfort; owning a dog is a two-way street. Although you keep them well by feeding them giving them excellent care; at the same time they are literally taking care of you. Numerous studies have demonstrated having a dog benefits the owners physical and mental well-being.

On the other paw: Do you consider yourself to be a more laid- back type who enjoys hanging out around the house, listening to music or being delightfully entertained by a highly intelligent fur companion? If this is describes you to a T, consider adopting a feline or two to sit on your lap, purring away. This pet would be the cats meow for you.

A word of caution however. Even though many folks think of cats as independent animals, this is far from the truth. Cats need lots of attention, intellectual stimulation and regular playtime. After all- domestic felines are just smaller versions of their cousins; the big, wild exotic cats.
Almost everyone thinks kittens are adorable. These enchanting mischievous little balls of fluff can entertain their guardians for hours on end. However, adult cats are far too often overlooked. So if you can for a moment resist the kittens universal appeal; why not consider adopting an adult cat that truly needs a permanent loving home at the same time. With careful and patient introductions, kittens can often rejuvenate interest in playing in an adult cat and most cats enjoy having company; especially if their guardians are not around all the time
This said, whether your decision is to adopt a kitty or to share your home with a dog, these very different and unique pets all carry the same requirements; providing them with an abundance of unconditional love, providing them with regular veterinary care, nourishing them with a healthy, tasty and species appropriate diet and making sure that they get ample exercise and playtime.

If your dog is accidently lost or stolen, having it Microchipped is a great way to help getting reunited with your beloved pet. To help celebrate December as Pet Adoption Month why not take advantage of Floridawild Veterinary Hospitals special promo: Microchipping your pet for only $20.00.

By: Jo Singer, MSW, CSW (Ret.)

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