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December is Adopt a Pet Month

Have you been thinking about adding one or two furry family members to your household? If this is your dream, then this is the perfect time to check out the beautiful and loving pets up for adoption at FloridaWild Veterinary Hospital. In fact, they already may have the purrfect purring kitty, or the friendliest tail-wagging doggie who has been searching for you. FloridaWild Veterinary Hospital can make that dream come true because December is Pet Adoption Month.

Sydney (FloridaWild Patient)

This may be the perfect time to open your heart to a little one who has been reaching out to you. Available at FloridaWild Veterinary Hospital are many homeless, needy pets who are craving for your loving touch that nurtures them so deeply. Once you have reached the decision to adopt one of these awesome pets, the next step would be to consider whether your lifestyle would better match a dog or kitty.

Are you an active person who enjoys taking walks during the day and/or ending the day with a leisurely stroll? If so, having a faithful canine companion accompany you on your sojourns is truly the icing on the cake. Dogs have been dubbed “Man’s best friend” for very compelling reasons. If you are already owned by a dog you know how hard it would be to live without that consistent loyalty, affection and devoted protection for which dogs are famous. However, being owned by a dog definitely is a two-way street. While you are feeding them well, attending to their needs, at the very same time they are taking care of you. Many studies have proven that having a dog benefits both the owner’s physical and mental well-being. Isn’t this an amazing win-win situation?

Perhaps you regard yourself to be more laid-back, you enjoy hanging out at home, reading books, listening to music or catching up with news on TV. If this description fits you to a “T,” then having a feline friend for company might suit you best. Those chilly nights would be a thing of the past with a kitty or two nestled on your lap, or curled up with you as you doze off to dreamland. By the way, cats make excellent bed-warmers. This said however, while cats have the reputation of being easy, independent animals, the truth is that kitties need lots of attention and interactive play since they are highly intelligent and require lots of mental stimulation.

Oliver (FloridaWild Patient)

While kittens and puppies are just so adorable, why not consider adopting an older animal? You will be giving them the loving home they long for. Of course, mature pets require attention and lots of tender loving care. And after the bonding process is completed, you will be astounded by the level of devotion they will shower upon you; feeling safe and forever protected for the years to come.

However, there is one important caveat we need to add to our suggestions. With all the extra activities, planning, guests arriving and Christmas presents under the tree, if you are considering a pet as a gift for a child, we suggest you adopt the pet early this month or the week after the holiday. Pets need quiet time to start the bonding process and get all the attention they need. Books about pet care, all the necessary supplies required for the new arrival do make excellent gifts wrapped up under the tree. These pet-related items are special presents that are sure to add to the child’s excitement and anticipation of having a furry best friend in the very near future.

Adopting a pet is making a commitment. It is one of the strongest ones you will ever make. And the joy and love you will experience is one that is so very special; one that will actually last forever.

FloridaWild Veterinary Hospital wishes you and yours a very happy holiday season. To celebrate we are offering microchipping for $20 at FloridaWild and a free spa package (holiday scents included) with the purchase of a full groom at Funky Mutt.

By: Jo Singer, MSW, CSW, LCSW, (Ret.)

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