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Do Cats Make Mew Year’s Resolutions? Ours do!

What bothers me the most around the first of January are those gosh darned obligatory New Year’s resolutions; a ritual in which we humans are supposed to engage in annually.

It seems that somehow or other, in spite of my rooted antipathy toward making what might seem to be “empty promises” that generally go nowhere; my husband and I always seem to “buy into” the ritual of making our obligatory New Year’s resolutions much of which are composed of lofty goals and great intentions.

As the expression goes, these good intentions are often the way in which I suspect the road to hell is paved. However, this year my husband and I, as a major priority, have taken a solemn promise to get more exercise, lose some weight and start eating more healthfully.

About a week ago I started mulling over which of the “resolutions” I would make would have the greatest chance of being actualized. I also wondered if it was really fair for just my husband and me to perform the necessary soul-searching hours, to ensure that any resolutions we make are actually targeted to positively affect our lives. As weird as it may seem, I think it’s only fair that our two cats, Aki and Edgar Allen Poe, (both thoughtful and remarkably intelligent beings) join us by taking the time out of their busy days to sit down and make their very own Mew Year’s resolutions that are also designed to enhance their lives.

But when I suggested my idea to them, neither of the cats was at all thrilled. In fact they growled and hissed at me in protestation. I must have momentarily forgotten that cats hate any type of changes in their lives unless it means being served a more delicious cat food flavor, provided with a new and larger sunny spot by the window in which to nap, or presented with a much taller cat tree. Mea Culpa.

How could I have forgotten that to a cat, just the idea of consciously setting out to change anything would be truly acrimonious? I do have to give them credit, however, since their intelligence and philosophical outlook on most things allowed them to finally agree to give the idea some consideration.

After several hours of quiet contemplation, Aki and Edgar Allen Poe leisurely strolled into the dining room; finally ready to enlighten us with their Mew Year’s resolutions. But I don’t want anyone reading this to think that I have broken any confidences. Let me assure you that both cats have given me purrmission to share them openly. In fact their willingness to do something new might inspire many cats to do the same thing.

For your reading pleasure, these are the Mew Year’s resolutions upon which the cats have decided. Edgar Allen Poe will do his best to stop staring at my husband and me with his highly practiced woeful facial expressions that feign deprivation and while we are eating dinner that he’s slowly starving to death; a look that would tear at anyone’s heart-strings.

Aki said that he will try his darndest to become more loving toward my husband. It’s not that he dislikes Marty; it’s just that as a kitten he never encountered the masculine side of the human species so men remain scary to him. Marty would love Aki getting closer to him.

While these two Mew Year’s resolutions might not seem like a big deal to most folks, Marty and I were overwhelmed with the cats even considering to make these promises. Of course, the proof will be in the pudding as they say.

We wonder if all cats make some form of Mew Year’s resolutions at this time of the year. It sure would be fascinating to know more about that. At any rate, Aki, Edgar Allen Poe, Marty and I wish all of our readers a very happy new year ahead.

Photo: Aki and Edgar Allen Poe Credit: Jo Singer

By: Jo Singer, MSW, CSW, LCSW, (Ret.)

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