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Cats fall in Love on the Internet: A long-distance romance blooms

There are times when some folks may get involved in a long-distance romance. A long-distance romance is an intimate relationship between partners geographically separated from one another. However, these relationships may not be easy to maintain. Partners who are involved in long-distance romantic adventures must work hard to get through the frustrations and difficulties that the lack of face-to-face contact develops during their geographic separation. Fortunately, with the advent of Skype, Facetime, and other digital amenities, partners are now able to see one another, enhancing the intimacy in their relationship.

As a result of these technological advances today, long-distance romances between humans are not all that uncommon. In fact, these relationships are genuinely accepted and widely practiced. This said if our kitties discovered a way to get involved in a long-distance courtship, we would certainly consider those relationships to be rather extraordinary. But the questions we must ask each other are how in the world would our cats even dream of becoming involved in a long-distance romance and how could they actualize one?

The answer is simple. The Internet’s super-highway makes it feasible for these relationships to exist. The Internet is legendary for helping cat loving folks living across the world together with others who share their passion. And in no time at all as these friendships deepen, the next step is exchanging photographs of their beloved kitties. Even though feline lovers know that cats are curious creatures, at the same time, there are folks who don’t regard felines to be super-snoopers. They might find it hard to believe that cats frequently do look over their human’s shoulder to see what they are up to while using their computer.

This writer has learned from purrsonal experience that while an internet friendship is evolving, that it is possible that their cats may get involved in a long-distance romance. In fact, one of our kitties had started looking for a cat who also interested in entering into a committed long-distance romance. Shortly after I became Facebook friends with a charming felineophile living across the pond in London, as we got to know each other a bit better, we began talking about our kitties and exchanging their photos.

Shortly after Aki, our then three-year-old blue-ticked Oriental Shorthair caught a glimpse of Iset, my friend’s gorgeous, then four-year-old Seal Tabby-Point female Siamese; he fell desperately in love with her. When Iset saw Aki’s photograph, her heart started beating faster and shortly thereafter she openly proclaimed that Aki was her one true love.
Aki and Iset have maintained their long-distance romance for over a year. My British friend and I made sure that our cats received a sufficient amount of uninterrupted online connection so they could spend private time together. About six months into their courtship, they informed us about their plans to get married. Their engagement was the “talk of the town.”

Although it’s tough to arrange a perfect wedding for humans over the Internet, it’s even more challenging to make arrangements for a “purrfect” wedding ceremony for two kitties living so far apart. However, since these two “lovebirds” are sufficiently motivated, we are confident that they will find ways to make their marriage ceremony one that will obliterate their great distance and demonstrate the depth of their love.

So, if you have a cat and happen to walk by your computer in the middle of the night, and realize that it’s turned on; be sure to be considerate and give your kitty the privacy he or she deserves. After all, doesn’t love make the world go ‘round?

Photo Credits. Aki Jo Singer, Iset, Sarah P
Article by: Jo Singer, MSW, CSW, LCSW, (Ret.)

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