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Catify to Gratify: Keeping Kitty and Owner Entertained

I think that it’s a disgrace that the word “Catification” hasn’t found its way yet into Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. This essential catchy phrase was most likely coined by Jackson Galaxy, the prominent Cat Daddy extraordinaire. “Catification” is now a necessary part of any avid felinophile’s vocabulary. Jackson Galaxy’s famous rallying-cry is “Catify ze world.” Even though the word “Catification” is becoming as common as “apple pie,” there’s not one dictionary worth its salt that has bothered to include it.

However, Galaxy’s definition of this snappy expression actually clarifies itself. Catification is part of an essential method that’s geared to creating a feline-friendly environment; one that will nurture your kitties’ instinctual drives such as scratching, climbing, exploring, and napping in spaces that they consider safe. “Catifying” your home isn’t all that difficult. It does take a bit of creativity and imagination, along with the strong desire to help enrich your kitty’s life to make it more fun and exciting. Your kitty’s natural urges will be satisfied by providing her with a wide variety of toys, scratchers, and at least one tall, attractive, well-built cat tree.

Photo Credit: Flickr User: Mr.TinDC

Did you know that there are three types of felines? Kitties who prefer heights are the “tree-dwellers,” while cats who choose hanging out in areas close to or on the ground are the “cave dwellers.” The third feline group is those cats who are content in either location. While having a “catified” environment is highly desirable for our felines, they aren’t the only ones who get to derive pleasure from a “catified” environment. In this writer’s opinion, there is nothing quite as delightful and entertaining than watching them playing enthusiastically.

Happy cats are contented cats. Satisfied kitties are less apt to get into trouble from boredom. When cats are mentally and physically stimulated, they are less likely to develop destructive behavior, such as shredding carpets, tearing furniture apart, climbing on curtains, or flinging objects from high places onto the floor. Additionally, tranquil kitties tend to be more affectionate toward their human companions. Heck, isn’t that one of the main reasons that inspired you to adopt a cat?

After watching Jackson’s educational and captivating TV show, “My Cat from Hell,” I started creating a more “catified” environment for our two kitties. However, bear in mind that depending on how elaborate your plans are, “Catifying” can become quite pricey. By getting creative and using your imagination, “catifying” doesn’t have to deplete your pocketbook. Since not everyone has the time, the energy, or the finances to create a totally “catified” environment all at once, take your time. You can always add additional “Catification” in the future.

Horizontal and vertical scratchers are an essential part of a “catified” environment. Our two kitties are particularly enamored with the Alpine cat scratcher and the Bergan Turbo scratcher. It’s such a delight watching them enjoying themselves. Interactive play is an essential part of cat-keeping. A feather toy on a wand whets their hunting instinct and it’s a powerful bonding opportunity. Cardboard boxes are fabulous places in which cats love to hide; the more the merrier.

When shopping for the ideal cat tree, remember that the price of a store-bought sturdy, well-built cat tree can be quite staggering. To keep costs down, consider building an attractive cat tree yourself. This website has some fantastic ideas to get you started: 8 DIY Cat Tree Plans. Another idea to keep your budget under control is to purchase a cat tree at a cat show. At the show’s conclusion, vendors often are eager to sell the remainder of their assembled cat trees at a bargain rate.

For more “Catifying” ideas check out the book, “Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for You”, Written by Jackson Galaxy and co-authored by feline expert, Kate Benjamin, this book is chock-full of amazing ideas on how you can help to enrich your kitty’s environment; giving her all the goodies she craves.

Get a glimpse of Catification that’s gone wild. Sit back and relax and enjoy this amazing YouTube video



By: Jo Singer, MSW, CSW, LCSW, (Ret.)

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