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“Bargain Cat Tree Instructions: Some Assembly required” is quite optimistic”

There are many things to which a dyed-in-the-wool cat lover can become addicted. Since feline aficionados enjoy spoiling our beloved kitties, we frequently search for ways in which we can delight and stimulate them.

Unfortunately, I tend to be a chronic feline- oriented shopaholic. When I discover items on sale that will amuse our kitties, I must admit there are times when I may foolishly throw caution to the wind. Unfortunately, it can be hugely disappointing when my impulsive behavior leads to receiving an item that doesn’t live up to my expectations.

For example, the beautiful, sturdy cat tree in our living room had given our cats years and years of pleasure. Sadly the tree was becoming rather threadbare; tattered and torn. One day, while I was surfing the web, I accidentally ran across a website advertising a massive sale on cat trees. The clincher for me was that they included free shipping.

It was so tempting, that I decided to take the plunge and buy the cat tree that had three platforms, two tunnels, and a large hammock hanging near its base. Since the tree shape and color were very appealing, its extremely reasonable cost made my credit card fly out of my wallet all by itself. In just two steps, the cat tree was mine.

But seconds after I paid for it, the buyer’s remorse set in. The words “some assembly required” slapped me upside the head. Since I have absolutely no mechanical skills, I knew I was in deep trouble. I couldn’t help remembering some highly testy moments the time that my husband and I tried to put a small wooden desk together. To assuage my guilt, I lassoed our neighbor across the street, asking him if he would lend a hand in setting up the cat tree. He quickly agreed to help since, for him, putting a cat tree together would be a “walk in the park.”

The minute the box was delivered, I contacted our neighbor. He dropped by a few minutes later, and after examining all the pieces, he decided that getting it assembled wouldn’t be a problem. Regrettably most of the tools included in the package were rather primitive. What’s more, the instructions consisted only of a schematic diagram that in order understand required an engineering degree. Since our neighbor was not in the least bit intimidated, he immediately started putting the tree together

Be that as it may, when our neighbor attempted to connect one of the bolts, he started cursing under his breath. Beads of sweat started pouring down his forehead, and he rushed home to get more appropriate tools. He cursed again when he discovered that since one of the pre-drilled holes was full of glue, it would require reaming. This “no brainer” project was turning into a nightmare. Due to my neighbor’s purrsistence, thankfully, the cat tree was finally completed.

But to make my experience just a tad more frustrating, shortly after we finished assembling the tree, I discovered a short instructional video on YouTube made by the company that manufactured this cat tree. I found it rather “anti-climb-actic watching its simple how to put the tree together instructions.

Photo credit: Flickr User Mr.TinDC
Article by: Jo Singer, MSW, CSW, LCSW, (Ret.)

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