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How to tell when it’s an emergency: Decoding Feline Behavior

As an amazing survival strategy, felines are masterful at hiding pain and illness. Remarkably, cats are instinctively able to conceal…

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Pet Health Insurance for Cats: Is it worth the cost?

Keeping their cats healthy and happy is a priority for kitty owners. Today, with the remarkable advances in veterinary care,…

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Bonding with cats: A few extraordinary techniques to get closer with your kitty

Recently I was fascinated by an article/review of the Licki Brush; a gadget designed to delight felines and their owners….

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Cat bites and scratches 101: An Educational Journey

The majority of cat lovers consider their kitties as mysterious, fascinating creatures. What prompts this opinion is not only the…

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Planning to adopt a Kitten to keep your resident cat company? Some helpful tips for success

As cat lovers, we want to keep our cats happy and content! If you’ve been thinking about adopting a kitten…

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Nemesis Vs the Vacuum Cleaner Monster

Many years ago, shortly after my first husband and I were married, a tiny ball of black fur wrapped in…

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Feline Addiction or Just Loving Cats too much?

Are Feline lovers addicted to cats? I ask this question because several years ago I was accused of being “addicted”…

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