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FloridaWild Vet Hospital

Ozone with Ultraviolet Light Therapy

Ozone with ultraviolet light therapy is a combination treatment protocol that uses your pet’s blood. The blood is ozonated and exposed to the full UV spectrum. Ozone is a powerful weapon to help combat the fight against many chronic diseases. Once exposed, the blood is reintroduced back to the patient intravenously.

FloridaWild often uses ozone therapy alone. However, in combination, these two treatments address most of the common biological denominators in the disease process at the cellular level.

What Are The Combined Benefits?

•Increase the oxygen carrying capability
•Correct the mitochondrial energy deficits in the blood
•Stimulate the lymphatic detoxification in the blood
•Activate immune system cells and cytokine production (interferon, tumor necrosis factor and IL-2) to aid in destruction of all types of micro-organisms: bacteria, viruses and fungi
•Increase intracellular antioxidants against oxidative stress
•Help destroy cancer cells

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