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Nutrition is the foundation for excellent health in our pets. We believe in feeding unprocessed, whole foods whenever possible. Many underlying disease processes such as urinary disease, obesity, skin disease and chronic ear infections, are as simple as food intolerance or food allergies.

For cats and dogs, FloridaWild recommends Rick’s Dog Deli and Premium Raw Food sold exclusively at The Funky Mutt Market. Stella & Chewy’s dehydrated raw food options are also available. When a whole food diet is not an option, we recommend Fromm Family Food. All these recommended brands can be found at The Funky Mutt Market.

For our bird patients, we recommend Harrison’s Bird Food, Roudy Bush and Oven Fresh Bites (available at FloridaWild).

For our exotic mammals, FloridaWild recommends Oxbow products (available at FloridaWild).

A nutritional consult is included as part of your initial visit to FloridaWild. We look forward to helping find the perfect food for your pet!

Click on the pet food products below to learn more about the ones we recommend:

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