FloridaWild Vet Hospital

Non-Anesthetic Dentals

Is your dog offering you kisses? We LOVE kisses! Want to know what we love even more than dog kisses?…a healthy mouth doing the kissing!

FloridaWild is proud to offer you non-anesthetic dentals as an option for your canine companion. We recommend an anesthetic dental (unless your pet is not an anesthetic candidate) prior to a non-anesthetic procedure so we can assess your pet’s tooth root health. Non-anesthetic dentals are for maintaining gum health.

Dental health is a critical part of your pet’s health. Periodontal disease (dental disease) can cause or be caused by other health problems. FloridaWild recommends non-anesthetic dental cleanings every 6 months to maintain overall health and minimize the need for extractions!

Our dental hygienist has many years of experience and requests that you are present in our spa-like setting while your pet’s teeth are scaled and polished.


Please call us (386-734-9899) to set up an appointment to see if your dog is a candidate!

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